Planning your vision: How to start when you are too scared to start

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You have a brilliant idea. You have been thinking and nurturing it for months and maybe years and now you feel it is the right time to make this story happen. Make your story happen.

You promise yourself to start one day and you promise you will have some words on the paper. You may even take a part in some challenges or even got yourself a buddy who would “keep your accountable” on your writing but you still have not started yet.

Before you go any further, I have to say that this trap of postponing your writing is a common one. And writers fall prey to this once in a while. However, there is a trick how to avoid failing and never starting your literary journey.

Plan your vision

1. Get a piece of paper. Yeah. It is simple. You probably have one and do not tell me that you do not. Take a piece of paper and put it right in front of you. You are on your way to a solution!

2. Relax and think of words roaming in your head. Write them down. Chaotically. The sequence is irrelevant at the moment. Just think of the words and write them down. If you can make sentences, even better. But do not pressure yourself. Just words are perfectly fine.

3. Now think of how you can connect the words. Do they relate to each other? What do these words represent? Names? Actions? Description? What are they about?

4. Now leave the paper for a while and go for a walk. Yes, do this, I’ll wait here.

5. Finally, once you are back, get rid of the paper and start writing what you have been thinking about. Start with a simple sentence and follow the flow of your mind. It does not have to be perfect or you do not have to have an ideal first draft. You just have to have a first draft.

The beauty of the process of creation is that there is no right or wrong approach and there is also no remedy to the block you set for yourself every time you want to create something. But! If you strongly believe that what you do matters and what you want to create is important, has value and right to live and be alive, why not?

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