Grab the muse: where to find inspiration for your next story


You are a good writer. You are determined to write. You have a schedule you can follow. You do not hide behind writing blocks and if you decide on something you prefer to carry on without a doubt.

What’s stopping you?

Lack of ideas and inspiration. Or maybe you have ideas, but they do not inspire you. You do not feel attached to what you write or your characters are too simple and you do not want to sympathize them. That happens. That probably happens with all of us from time to time, but ones struggle with it more than others.

If you look around people have ideas and can make up stories out of nowhere. This is like a magical trick!

You would love to possess such magic.

The funniest thing is that you can easily come up with ideas on a spot. You just need to uncover your treasure chest full of ideas and come to it from time to time when you need one. Should you really have a chest and write any idea you have in mind and put them here? Well, if you want to be literal and authentic, why not.

But what you really want is to have ideas and easily find inspiration for them, just think of how can you do that.

  1. Movies

One of the most obvious ways to get some inspiration is to watch a movie. It would be really helpful if you watch something in a genre you are trying to work on, but anything goes here. You never know what idea may jump on you. Some people prefer watching something opposite from the niche they work on just to cleat their minds and have some spot for a good insight.

2. Music

It is true that compositors were inspired by something they see or observed, like movies, books, art or anything. But it is also true that music nurtures your imagination helping you see and imagine something you would not expect to! Try different genres of music and see which one is working for you the best.

3. Art

I am not saying that movies and music are not art, but what I mean is going to a gallery or museum is a great idea to help your imagination flourish. Apart from getting cultured, you can also have some fun exploring antiques and see places you never thought about. If you write a si-fi novel about expanding universe or extraterrestrial species, who not visit local museum of natural history?

4. Books

Yes, other people write books for a reason! So you can have some inspiration from their work and start creating your own vision and your own worlds. Of course, it only concerns fiction, however, non-fiction is also a great source of ideas what to write about and how to get more of your imagination.

5. You are

It may be surprising enough, but, yeah. You can be a good inspiration for yourself. Did you have some amazing adventure as a kid or maybe you have dreamed of something? Or you remember places form your childhood that nobody else remembers?  We have plenty of stories to tell, why not dig a bit some pieces of your past from once in a while. The great advantage of using this method is that your experience is unique one and it will be really difficult to find somebody else who would accidentally come up with such unusual solutions.

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