I am sure there are plenty of author pages trying to tell you something about the owner, but I want to turn this around and think of you at the moment. Who are you? What are you doing here? And why on the earth are you visiting the page?

Maybe you love stories. If you do, then you can easily come along! I love stories and I love when stories are just more than words and sentences combined together. I love when stories are alive, just like people!

Every story has its personality and every story wants someone to read it. Some stories have more fans than the others, some are written beautifully, but would never see the world because their creator decided that they are not good enough.

No mater what drives you and makes you happy, when you have a story to tell it means, that you you live and that live has meaning. It has stories.


My name is Lily, and I can proudly call myself a writer and (a new fancy word!) narrative designer. I am in love with stories, writing, literature and illustrations. Honestly, when I was a kid I did not like reading, but I started writing the moment I took a pen in my hand! So, you never know.

Enjoy yourself browsing my blog, my books (work is always in progress, right?) and do not forget about the most important thing you have in your life. Your own story to tell.

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