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Creative illustration for kidlit


Illustration is crucial when it comes to kidlit. I love how many talented illustrators you can find today!

Here is a few examples of my favorite creative illustrations for kidlit.

  1. A tunnel book

Probably one of the coolest things, like, ever! Illustration should not be presented in a boring way as we are all used to! Not today. Just imagine the thrill of adventure when you pass by some caves or anything. Have you ever though what may be hidden inside? A great solution for driving your imagination and fascinate your inner storyteller!

2. Childish illustrations

I do not know why but I love when I see a simple illustration. They usually demand a certain mastery to present “simple” but at the same time it is easier to relate to this wonderful world of the story you are about to read.

 3. Books with toys

Even though I prefer nurturing imagination by thinking of what kind of characters can be in a book, when it comes to something simple, like animals or rodents, I looooove when a book has a supplement such as a stuffed animal or anything, to make the reading a fulfilling and real experience! Love when toys add up to pictures.

4. Interactive illustrations

Long before the INTERNET was invented people were reading books. With pictures. I remember my first interactive book and how much fun it would bring me while looking at this not real but 3D effect of the thins and characters. I would think they may come alive in the middle of the night when I do not look at them or something. And always was a little disappointed to find them inside the book again. I was hoping that one day they would go travel.

5. Black and write style

I know that illustrations suppose to make the book better, to make it breathe and shine with colorful pages. However, I also love when black and white world presented on the pictures. This is where you, as a reader, can see the little nuances of the book, and may be even color the world yourself if you wish.


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