Book design and what it’s worth

Book design and what it’s worth

Book design today

Since I am a well-known book lover, book design matters to me to some extent. For example, when I am looking for a new book to read, I would likely look at the cover (as many of us do, I am sure) and only after this will go to the blurb, content and so on.

It is a different matter with picture books and books for kids, where the visual part dominates over the textual.
But when it comes to a book design – kidlit, fiction or non-fiction – the rules are simple: the cover should speak for the book because no matter what people say, we will judge the book by its cover.

Here is an amazing TED talk by Chip Kidd where he explains what it’s worth to design a book and what is the difference between designing a printable copy and a digital one. Chip is a graphic and book cover designer who created a revolution in American packaging. He is an extraordinary and eccentric person with a unique sense of humor pinpointing the bottom line of today’s book cover design.

There are a few examples of his works

Anniversary 100th issue of TIME. What kind of accusations do you have about it? Is this related to print or it looks more like blocks of apartment in a skyscraper?
I am, for example, not familiar with this novel, but what ideas do you have looking at the cover? I would say that this is a story about some extraordinary or shocking events going out of the borders. Does this look like true?
A book cover for a story about human digestive system. Yes, I am serious. There is a story behind it.
One of the most popular novels of Murakami 1Q84 about parallel worlds the woman is living now with a fancy book design which would be better to see in print.

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