Strong coffee

Strong coffee

I like when the message is clear.

Clarity. Do you need this? No, seriously. Sometimes you do need a bit of a mystery in your life, especially when it comes to… What? To your personal background you want to conceal or maybe some events you do not want others to know about.

But when it comes to simple things, clarity is probably something that makes this world better. I am not into packaging much, but I am into minimalism in all forms.

Let’s say you live with a person who understands only basic things. And this person like when everything is written and explained to him or her (no sexist shit here, I promise). When you have been doing something interesting during all night, where it was a super hard level in online game (hello, World or Warcraft!) or not online game (hello, Assassin’s Creed!), work, or cat gifs, you get out in the morning and this person is gazing at you.

And you are like “I need fucking strong coffee today”.

Well, first of all, this person cannot complain that you have said something bad. This thing is written on the package, and what is written on the package is an authority in all senses. I mean, you can use it if you want.

Second of all, you had a beautiful start of a meaningful conversation. If you need fucking strong coffee, then you had problems last night and you need to discuss them to reduce the frustration.

And every person can understand that. Because it is clear.

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